iXolr - CIX OLR for iPad and iPhone


Features include:

  1. *Download and read messages, organised by topic and conference

  2. *Threaded message display

  3. *Create new messages and upload them to CIX

  4. *Search messages within a topic (iPad only at present)

  5. *OAuth security, so you control your password and access

  6. *View and search the directory of all CIX conferences.

Full Instructions

iXolr is an off-line reader for CIX Conferencing, one of the first social networking systems.  CIX has hundreds of conferences where people communicate via text messages in a moderated, spam-free environment.

An off-line reader is like an email client, allowing you to grab the latest messages in a quick burst, then read them off-line at your leisure. It optimises your bandwidth usage, gives you a user experience tailored to the iPhone or iPad, and lets you work in places where you don’t have a network connection.

You must have a CIX account in order to use iXolr.

I’ve been an active member of CIX since 1989.  I started writing iXolr so I could read messages on the train without carrying a laptop.