Scalability Review


A Scalability Review is an independent report detailing the current architecture of the system, pointing out which subsystems can handle increased workload either as-is or by simply purchasing more capacity, and which will not scale well and will eventually form a bottleneck. This can be done as a paper exercise by analysing source code and configuration, or combining that with stress-testing to form an accurate impression of available headroom.


Your systems are performing fine today, with no complaints about response time. But, how do you know they will stay that way? With growing demand and workload, almost any system will overload, and the consequences could be severe. Users who have a choice will simply drift away to your competitors, and users who don't have a choice will be unhappy about your service and tell their friends.

A Scalability Review is particularly useful as reassurance for investors, as they can be confident your start-up's growth plans won't be derailed by performance issues as the user-base grows.